Dutch Climate Treaty

All EU member states are obliged to create a national energy and climate plan (NCEP) that lays out the integrated plans how the country approaches the topics of (amongst others) energy efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In the Netherlands, the national ambition is enshrined in the Dutch Climate Act. The Dutch Climate Act aims to give individuals and companies in the Netherlands more certainty about the climate goals. Under the Dutch Climate Act, the government is required to draw up a Climate Plan setting out measures to ensure that the targets stipulated in the act are achieved. The National Climate Agreement (‘klimaatakkoord’) contains agreements with the sectors on what they will do to help achieve these climate goals. In the bullets below we have high lite the key points in the National Climate Agreement that affect the housing market.

Some key points:

  • Abandon Natural Gas: 1.5 million households should abandon the usage of Natural Gas (aardgas) before 2030.
  • Municipal roll-out: By 2021 all municipalities (gemeentes) in the Netherlands should present their plans per area to stop the usage of natural Gas.
  • Cost threshold for sustainable measures: the costs are not allowed to be higher than the savings due to energy efficiency woonlastenneutraal
  • The introduction of an isolation-standard: this standard can be used to measure to which degree the house should be isolated to accommodate the natural gas substitute.
  • Ban on traditional Boilers: after 2025 a potential ban on traditional housing boilers (c.v. ketels).
  • Tax Incentives: the Dutch tax rate for natural gas is steadily increasing. Starting 2021 the tax rate on energy will decrease.
  • Financing options: increasing array of Green / sustainable mortgages for consumers. The potential introduction of a portable property-bound financing for sustainable measures. Forthcoming initiatives such as “warmtefonds” for home-owners and owner associations.
  • New constructions: 75% of the new properties by 2021 should bee free of natural gas. For the remainder additional isolation measures have to be provided.

Fore more information about the Dutch Climate Agreement, see here