First version of Dutch Energy Efficient Mortgage Framework Published

Amsterdam, 3 October 2022 – The Energy Efficient Mortgages NL Hub (EEM NL Hub) is proud to announce the publication of the first version of the Dutch Energy Efficient Mortgage Framework (DEEMF). This document describes in detail the application of the EU Taxonomy to Dutch residential mortgages. The Framework consists of two documents:

  • DEEMF Part I: Background document about the EEM NL Hub, the EU Taxonomy and the Dutch building code and mortgage market. Download
  • DEEMF Part II: Document describing the detailed analysis and application of the EU Taxonomy to the Dutch residential mortgage market. Download

About the Framework

Both DEEMF Part I and II have been composed based on the input from the members and affiliated members of the EEM NL Hub. The documents are therefore a summary as composed by the EEM NL Hub but are not necessarily the official position of any of the individual institutions participating in the EEM NL Hub.

About the EEM NL Hub

The EEM NL Hub is an association set up with the aim of supporting and promoting the acceleration and adaptation of energy efficient housing in the Netherlands and the financing thereof. The EEM NL Hub was established in September 2021 and currently has 24 members and 20 affiliated members.

The EEM NL Hub has no formal capacity when it comes to interpreting (EU or other) legislation.  The interpretation of Section 7 of the EU Taxonomy in the DEEMF is only that: an interpretation, specific to the Dutch residential real estate market.  And although the members of the EEM NL Hub hope that by publishing this document, it provides useful guidance for other institutions in other jurisdictions, local specifics in relation to mortgage lending, construction law, energy labelling and energy label data will make it necessary to perform a careful analysis of the local circumstances, practices and regulations.

For any comments or questions, please contact the EEM NL Hub at